EVA Foam High density

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High denstity foam is for armor or accessories. In 1mm and 3mm thickness, it is ideal for very resistant details. It smooth sides make you win a lot of time.

Due to the cutting process, some plates have black streaks. These disappear under the painting.

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Clone Trooper costume in EVA foam high density 5mm and 10 mm.
Deathstroke torse in high density 10mm
Decorative column in high densoty 10mm.
Costumes parts in high density foam 3mm and 5mm.


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2000*1000*10mm, 1000*1000*10mm, 490*490*10mm, A4 10mm, 2000*1000*5mm, 1000*1000*5mm, 490*490*5mm, A4 5mm, 2000*1000*3mm, 1000*1000*3mm, 490*490*3mm, 245*245*3mm, A4 3mm, 2000*1000*1mm, 1000*1000*1mm, 490*490*1mm, A4 1mm


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